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The European School Karlsruhe is one of the 14 European schools, which were established from 1953 onwards for the children of personnel of European Institutions. They offer a multilingual and multicultural education to children in the kindergarten, primary and secondary.

A family, which does not belong to European Institutions, can send an application of enrolment for their children, no matter their nationality and mother tongue.

The European School of Karlsruhe, located on a 10 hectare campus, has a canteen and numerous playgrounds.

It offers a high quality education, taught by qualified teachers from 15 different nations, who are regularly evaluated by European Inspectors.

Students from more than 50 different countries prosper in an international atmosphere in small groups gaining high levels of knowledge not only in languages (the first foreign language being taught from year 1 primary up to 5 different languages in the secondary) but also in mathematics, science and humanities.

An identical learning programme is taught in all European Schools with preparation for the same final exam: the European Baccalaureate. The European Baccalaureate is a high level diploma fully recognised in all the 28 countries of the European Union, as well as in a number of others and which allows students to enrol in Universities from all EU-countries. Our Students are then pursuing Higher Education studies not only in Europe but also in the USA and in Canada. The European School of Karlsruhe also offers learning support within the curriculum in order to help each individual child and is also providing a vast scope of extra-school activities. schließen

                   Our next Open Day 2017 takes place on Saturday, March 25th 2017!

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Kindergarten und Grundschule: Elternabende, soirées des parents, parents’evenings

P1 : Dienstag, mardi, Tuesday : 24.01.2017 – 19.00 h P2 : Mittwoch, mercredi, Wednesday : 25.01.2017 – 19.00 h P3 : Montag, lundi, Monday : 30.01.2017 – 19.00 h P4 : Donnerstag, jeudi, Thursday : 26.01.2017...[more]


Bekanntmachung über vergebene Aufträge der Ausschreibung für die Erneuerung der Schülerspinde in der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe

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Bekanntmachung über vergebene Aufträge der Ausschreibung der Gebäudereinigung in der Europäischen Schule Karlsruhe

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier:Bekanntgabe über vergebene Aufträge für die      Gebäudereinigung in der Europäischen      Schule Karlsruhe[more]

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